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Kids at Oasis

Our children’s programming has a focus on learning and encountering God in ways that will change their lives.  Ivy and her team provide individualized care for each child wherever necessary and children with special needs are always welcome as Ivy has done a great deal of her schooling in this unique area.

Image by Austin Pacheco

Sunday Mornings

We offer a Sunday school type ministry to all children during service time on Sundays where parents can safely sign their children into the hand of our well trained and vetted team. 


Thursday Nights

Thursday nights from 5:00 to 7:00 PM is our Kings Kids ministry.  This is a specialized evening where parents can bring their special needs children to be left under the teams care while they take the time to rest or take some time for themselves.  

Registration and Inquiries can be made at the church office at 780 539 6179 or email at

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