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The Oasis Center Housing

Our desire at Oasis is to help the whole person. As a church we have always tried to help in the area of the greatest needs and for many of our most vulnerable that means housing.

Oasis Community Services (OCS) is a key component to our campus. We offer 20 affordable housing units at a reduced rate to those that are most in need of somewhere to live.

While not technically “Transitional Housing” we do of- fer a unique sense of community that has allowed many of our tenants over the years to be able to make the shift from homeless to viably housed. We are com- mitted to doing all we can to help that happen. Love wins

Commercial Space

Known as “The Bridge” this building is our newest acquisition and offers an affordable opportunity to lease space for your small business.

Over the years we have housed a varied array of businesses such as photographers, accountants, hair dressers, and massage therapists.

Location, location, location. We are located right in the downtown core with plenty of free on-street parking for customers

Office Workspace
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